From Lugo to Santiago de Compostela

We can also call the Camino as fraternity. Sharing: life and restlessness, abundance and scarcity, spreading and increasing values, as well as sharing our faults and overcoming them.

Parocco Augusto Losada Lopez, Triacastela

Tranquil path – so much that we could encounter deer

We start in Lugo, a scenic Galician town at the Camino Primitivo, the first Camino ever. It is surrounded by a walk-on city wall. We cross the Rio Miño and embark on a small tranquil way that leaves us off the large routes to allow a quiet setting and a big dose of nature for our first two days. In Sobrado dos Monxes we will reach the Camino del Norte and sleep at the monastery in the pilgrims albergue and let us touch by the sung vespers.

After one stage on the Camino del Norte we will reach the Camino Francés and merge into the large stream of pilgrims that will accompany us the last two days to Santiago de Compostela. We will visit the churches of Arzua and Pedrouzo. The last walking day we get up very early to be on time for the pilgrims mass in the soul elating cathedral of Santiago de Compostela at noon.

In Santiago we will collect your Compostela and enjoy arrival on the amazing Praça de Obradoiro and let feelings flow – whatever they are.

Sobrado dos Monxes – Enjoy stay and singing of the monks at this monastery

7-day pilgrimage, 5 days walking

(if necessary plus arrival and departure),

Day 1 Arrival

  • Arrival at Lugo
  • Walk in Lugo and on the city walls with pilgrims blessing and sleepover

Day 2 – 6

  • ~100 km from Lugo to Santiago de Compostela with overnight stay in pensions and pilgrim albergues

Day 6

  • Arrival in Santiago de Compostela
  • Attending the pilgrims mass at the cathedral
  • Picking up your official Compostela (pilgrims certificate) at the pilgrims office
  • Enjoy and recap on the Praça de Obradoiro
  • Attending the pilgrims meeting at the cathedral

Day 7

  • Enjoy Santiago and discover this amazing place
  • Visit San Franciscan Church and the parador
  • Rejoice the old quarters and souvenir shopping
  • Farewell Celebration dinner

You or we can of course enhance your pilgrimage with a trip to Finisterra at the Atlantic Ocean, the old “end of the world” to let it all sink in.

Signs of old celtic heritage at wayside

Pilgrimage assessment

Difficulty: Gentle ascents and descents, no mountains, trekking boots and trekking poles nice to have.

What this tour is best for:

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My comprehensive offer for you:

Your individual “pilgrimage compass”

Your pilgrimage compass guides us on our coaching path and documents your past, your progress and your results for you. In order to get to your isues as soon as possible, please send me the first part of your completed pilgrimage compass before traveling. During the tour, we will expand this compass with your insights, your goals and your implementation planning.

Get ready for your pilgrimage call

Either personally or via Skype, we prepare your tour so that you feel ready, well informed and secure:

  • Travel planning
  • Your equipment and packing list
  • Your preparation
  • Your pilgrims credential

The accommodations of your tour are – if necessary / possible – individually booked by me. You just have to book your own flight into Barcelona and back home.

Six-month follow-up

In order for you to successfully implement our findings and your decisions, I remain at your side for another six months.

  • Per month a personal spiritual impulse for you.
  • Per month a personal or Skype consultation date.
  • Additional support for your questions per email 2 x per month
  • As a bonus, I invite you to a farewell celebration dinner on the last evening.
  • You will receive a photo-book of your travel with your most important insights.

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Traditional Galician corn storage