MOVIABLE – Walk towards love

MOVIABLE? What? It’s coaching and pilgrimage

10 years ago, when I was looking for my brand, I was inspired with the art word MOVIABLE. It is combined of the words MOVABLE (english) and MOVIBLE (spanisch), the word VIA, which means path or way in Latin and ABLE, have the competence. This is my intention for serving YOU: Have you move forward and enabling you to walk your true path. So: What do you crave for? What do you need now? What is your inner truth?

Walk out of crisis pilgrimage – Walk towards love

Looking for light behind dark clouds?

  • Are you experiencing a deep crisis which seems far too big to handle and loosing ground? For which you actually don’t have time?
  • Separation, loss, heartbreak, job crisis?
  • Life dreams shattered?
  • Has your life lost its purpose?
  • Craving for love or inner healing?
  • Trapped in vicious circles or ongoing circular thinking?

So: Stop! No more circles…get going.

Stop walking in circles!

We all have already gone ways and have achieved goals where there was no real enthusiasm on arrival but the contrary. True life, deep satisfaction, solid relationships, understanding, really get to the point: Every human being has its own inner search images and deep longings – mentally, psychologically and materially, but does not necessarily know them, as well as the way to the inner goal. There is more than  “I think, so I am.” or “I have, so I am.”

Always I can see crises, unexpected events, soul burdens as a misfortune that comes upon me. Can complain, feel myself as a victim. Alternatively I can also recognize these as a challenge, learning task, necessary sign or impulse. I can perceive the opportunity and the momentum to grow above myself.

Believe me: It’s time to walk a good stretch straight ahead!

“You ask me, what should I do: Live wildly and take risks.” Quote by Arthur Schnitzler. Sign towards Le Sauvage – The Wild in France

Come with me! Let me be your scout! Your crisis could actually become the time of your life.
We walk together for a week on an ancient Christian pilgrimage route in Europe (Spain, Italy, France, Portugal), where we can solve your crisis with 7-day non-stop coaching & therapy, strong  rituals of Christian spirituality, meditations, laying on of hand and joint prayer. You will free your mind and your problems will downsize to manageable tasks on return. You will know deep in your heart, that life is still beautiful and that you cannot fall deeper than in Gods graceful hands.

Give your soul space

…and find your true path

Its only limits should be the sky above and the ground below your feet.

  • Together we will move to heaven and earth to work for your recovery. Yes, God included.
  • Through a day by day coaching plan, the “pilgrims compass”, you will reach the roots of your crisis and dissolve the negative energy that has provoked your crisis within you. You will understand yourself and the other persons involved. You will discover your own true way to move on.
  • You will be deeply touched emotionally through creation, spirit, sight and encounters. You are invited to express your emotions so they will clear and joy is able to return to your life.
  • Sun and constant exercise will change your brain and body biology healthier than any psycho drug, which supports life change in a profound way.
  • The most beautiful spots in Europe combined with sacred places of healing, purpose, transformation and grace will supply the heavenly turnaround atmosphere necessary for your big relief.
  • Tasty food, wines and amazing sights & landscapes will soothe your heart, mind and pain.
  • 9 different pilgrimages to suit your desires, preferences, goals and outcome.

Four paths to upgrade your life for the better

All pilgrimage offered here are unique, offer fantastic landscapes and cultural landmarks, include great cities and sacred places. It is meant to take you wide out of your everyday life to renew you. We might sleep in monasteries, parish houses, albergues or just commercial accomodations.

I have prewalked all tours and found their own strengths and spiritual qualities so that I can recommend tours for different levels of fitness as well as for different desired outcome. With the evaluation circle at the right you can find your perfect tour. Go into your heart and discover what you would be needing the most.

The path of your calling

Look out for stars in the blue

Signs that you might need the path of your calling are inherent questions for your life’s purpose, depressional periods, distance to joy and enthusiasm. I’d love to take you to the mountains to show you new perspectives and to persons of totally different life styles.

Let us call for the Holy Spirit so He returns your calling to you. Learn from creation to be creative. Dare to dare. Look from a perspective of love. And let us also consider who else is involved and look for the best for all.

My personal favorites?

Barcelona to Montserrat (Spain)
Lugo to Santiago de Compostela (Spain)
Walk out of crisis

Look out for stars in the yellow

Crisis! Now! You might be still in shock of what has happened. You are overwhelmed and everything is far to big to handle. You are paralyzed and want to get out of it. But – as always, the way out is the way through. What can you do now? Go to a counseller for one session a week for a long time and have a slow recovery. Or go on a pilgrimage with me to a place you have never been before. Where your constant exercise loosens up the grip of shock, where beauty is touching your heart gently, where you can come back to yourself and allow yourself to feel again. Express it all on the way: Anger, fear, grief, helplessness. Pray your very own psalm letting it all out. Together we will collect all valuables and leave the rest behind your back and in the past. Expose yourself to light. Learn to sing again!

My personal favorites?

Marnay to Taizé (Burgundy, France)

Lucca to Siena (Tuscany, Italy)

Way towards love

Look out for stars in the red

All stressed out? Lost your loving feeling? Treating yourself worse than anybody else? Giving a lot and receiving almost nothing? Your relationship turned into dependency and loving moments so scarce – or even: Scarsity rules?  Yeah, no doubt, all your love storages are empty. Living: Love your neighour like you love yourself would be a shitty experience for all involved. Before you burn out, get out of the rat race and get going! Treat yourself to the best you can. Show yourself that you and your needs are important. Breathe! Pause! Laugh!  Find yourself the one who always stays at your side and get yourself a full dose of love where there is no end to it. Find love first before trying it on your own.

My personal favorites?

El Camino del San Salvador / León to Oviedo (Spain)

Monginevro to Torino (Piemont, Italy)

Way of healing

Look out for stars in the green

We were all wounded. Somewhen, somehow. Some wounds heal with time. Others don’t because of their deep roots. Maybe your wounds have already inflicted your health? You are carrying a heavy load in addition to a life, that is already demanding enough to you? What do you need most now? Hope? Soothing? Nourishment? A gentle hand? Foregiveness? A miracle? A cuddle in the arms of Mary? Let us get the thorn out of your flesh. Or even take off your crown of thorns.

My personal favorites:

From Maslaq to Lourdes

From Stasbourg to Colmar