Gabriele Sych

Coach Christlich

Hi, I’m your scout!

10 years ago I embarked on my first pilgrimage on the Camino de Santiago and it changed my life thoroughly. Meanwhile I have walked nearly 10.000 km throughout Spain, France, Italy, Portugal and Germany.

Thats how it began: My professional career first led me into economy. I worked for various international IT companies in consulting and sales before I worked for several years as a consultant, trainer and coach for the areas of sales, communication, cooperation and development of personality in business and administration at state and federal level. The everyday “madness” – pressure, challenges, stress, conflicts, etc. in work and family – are as familiar to me as creative growth times, successful community and successful achievement.

In my coaching sessions, I combine my many years of experience in business and administration with psychological methodology, knowledge of neurosciences and modern Christian faith based on love, mercy, trust, truth, freedom, repentance, awareness and responsibility. I stand in the midst of life and found the way, truth and life.

My real strength, however, lies in continuous self-study and strong scouting spirit, in lived succession to Jesus Christ, steady spiritual practice and learning from practical self-experience in light and dark times.

Yes: Ich bin ein Berliner! Free spirit, having transcended or pulled down walls and obstacles of all kinds, survivor of hard times but with unbroken vitality, openminded and a lover of peace and true healing.

A blessed moment when I reached my ultimate freedom – above the clouds. It sang in me: I am free – and freedom tastes of reality! Which is true.

Professional career

  • 16 years in the IT industry, among others.
    • product specialist in the user service of the German Bundestag,
    • instructor and project manager at Nixdorf Computer AG
    • sales representative for federal and state authorities at Hewlett-Packard (HP)
  • 7 years as an independent consultant, trainer and coach for IT companies and public clients on the topics of sales, communication, cooperation. My clients included:
    • Federal Ministry of Finance,
    • PSI AG
    • Volkswagen Gedas
    • ITDZ Berlin
  • 10 years as health practitioner for psychotherapy (special German state exam for health practitioners) in private practice in Berlin, since 9 years now specialized in Christian-oriented psychotherapy and coaching
  • For 9 years nearly 10,000 km on the Way of St. James and other pilgrimage routes in Germany, France, Spain, Portugal and Italy.
  • For six years I have organized the monthly Berlin pilgrims meeting and conducting pilgrimages  in Germany and abroad every year, also for different religious or secular organisation:
    • Protestant adult education (EAE),
    • Archdiocesis of Berlin (Catholic)
    • St. James association Brandenburg-Oderregion e.V. and
    • Technical University of Berlin.

Professional Training

  • 2 semester psychology at the Free University of Berlin during a sabbatical
  • Exam preparation for the health practitioner examination
  • Training as spiritual consultant (spiritual NLP, coaching, meditation, kinesiology 3-in-1, relaxation techniques, laying on of hands)
  • Project management, communication, cooperation,
  • Catholic theology (distant learning course)
  • Christian counseling
  • Spiritual carevisiting of the sick

Christian orientation and voluntary work

  • I am Catholic with protestant roots and a clear ecumenical orientation.
  • In my church I act as a lecturer and worship commissioner.
  • For five years I worked with a homeless night café, most recently as shift management.