Coaching to go



Coaching by the way

Coaching on a pilgrimage is a manifold. You are leaving your security and your comfort zone. Embarking on an adventure you are coached by creation, by nature, by beauty, by encounters, by your emotions, by the constant change of perspective. Surrendering to a higher power, to what happens to you, what is meant for you: giving up control is a tremendous exercise to prepare yourself for receiving the grace of God in 3D. He is taking you in His hands to make it “Your unique way”. You learn reading the signs.

Camino wisdom

Coaching by your body and inner self

Your senses are constantly filled and refined by experiences so different from your daily existence. You take yourself time for yourself. Walking is slowing down to a pace that is in consistent with your soul. Pilgrimage is no sport nor a performance act. It is finding your own tempo, what is in line with you. If you walk 20 km per day contineously, you will start listening to your body, your feelings and your needs. Or risk blisters and loss of joy.

Coaching by me

To reach your goals for your pilgrimage I follow a “pilgrimage compass” that is prepared for each of the four ways individually. It includes the necessary steps of our joint journey. You document your insights and your progress, your resolutions and the wisdom you will find yourself. This will help you to stay on the chosen path at home when your everyday life wants to kidnap you back into your old ways. Elements consist of:

  • Uninterrupted coaching conversation to the point of results
  • Evening recaps
  • Experiential learning and sensitvity exercises in movement and nature,
  • Outdoor emotional self-expression
  • Silent times, prayer, laying on of hands, meditation, contemplation and the power of song
  • Integrate healthy self-care: nourishment, exercise, breaks, mental calm, sleep

In my coaching I use a very adaptive style towards grace:

  1. I will reinforce what is coming your way and train your mindfulness, at times stopping you to realize, open your eyes, listening, feeling what is. Call your attention to what you might be missing because of your present situation or way of thinking. Expressing emotionally what normally you only think or say or even shove away. Show you the beauty that is always there around you.
  2. My getting inspired is very intense. In situations of coaching and therapy I often hear myself speaking things that are also new and elating to me. So I lend you my inner ears to get messages you might need to know. To follow what is given to you I spontaneously adapt to the grace of the moment and choose what is best for you in the NOW. Especially in listening prayer and laying on of hands with elements of soul readings we get shown what are the most important issues to solve on the way.

Take a break – healthy habits not only for the way